A Complete Guide To Choose Perfect Salwar Kameez Suits For Short And Petite Women

A Complete Guide To Choose Perfect Salwar Kameez Suits For Short And Petite Women

As a classic Indian appearance, the salwar kameez, one of the plain simple suit designs, has become a fashionable and comfortable alternative to saree. Trends, styles, designs, fabrics, and patterns come and go, but the spirit of this traditional South Asian attire remains constant. It always comes to your rescue whenever you can't determine what to wear. It's an outfit that can be as plain as a business suit or as elaborate as a wedding dress. To get the desired effect, this dress must be worn by one's body form and height, like any other. If you are short in stature, here are some suggestions for choosing a salwar kameez.



Basic facts to consider while choosing plain simple suit design in salwar kameez for short women




When choosing the perfect fabric, you're in luck because there are so many options. However, rigid fabrics, such as tissue and organza, should be avoided. On the contrary, go for Cotton, lycra, velvet, mesh, or flowy light-weight fabrics like georgette or chiffon are all options.




Assume you want to create the illusion of greater height. Long kameez should always be chosen, especially if worn with churidar salwar or leggings. If feasible, avoid wearing printed borders and instead prefer to wear a matching salwar to create the illusion of continuity and height. If there is a border or flares at the hem, make sure they don't extend past your mid-ankle. Flares or borders should also be kept to a minimum.





When looking up and down the body, anything that subdues the human body's abnormality will produce the appearance of height. Vertical stripes plain simple suit designs are therefore deemed essential for individuals seeking a lengthening effect. Avoid bolder and larger designs in favour of kurtis with vertical stripes. Choosennarrow vertical prints if you want to go with the design.





Darker colours and solid colours will make you appear less wide and taller. As for the palette, consider color options such as navy blue, black, dark grey, burgundy, maroon, emerald green, and other dark hues. These colours absorb more light and recede into the backdrop, whilst lighter colours stand out against the background. Does this mean you can't wear your favourite white kurtis anymore? Ofcourse you can! Instead, you can blend lighter kurtis with darker salwars to give yourself a taller appearance. Wearing a monotone colour scheme can also help provide the impression of height.





When you're wearing a short kameez, this is very vital. Make sure your salwar is pulled up to your natural waistline. It will give your legs a lengthening effect, making you appear taller by making your legs appear longer.




You must restrain your heart no matter how much you want to go for the heavily decorated or puff sleeves. You must draw attention away from your upper body if you want to appear taller, especially if you are also plumper. Sleeves with plain simple suit design and minimal pattern or embroidery are best for kurtis. Choose full or 3/4-length sleeves if your arms are floppy.





You don't have to go for enormous statement-making embellishments or prints or something that completely isolates your outfit due to its prominent visibility. Opt for prints with smaller or medium-sized designs and not particularly eye-catching themes. Rather helps to balance out the look of your entire outfit from top to bottom. Ditsy prints either in the Yoke or all over from top to kameez length; believe us is your best bet. You might also want to go for smaller and narrower borders or laces added to the hemline.





Your salwar kameez should have a regular flare instead of full flares and extremely low hemlines. Wear a plain simple suit design featuring A-line style. Flared kameez, Straight cut kameez, or indo-western versions with less flare, even if it's just a smidgeon, will expose the bottom to balance the overall height proportion.





Dress perfectly and provide the illusion of a taller or balanced height with a plain simple suit design based on the following recommendations for all short and petite girls and women. So now you know which designer salwar suits are best for your petite frame.
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