Do's And Don'ts Of Indian Plain Simple Suit Design For Petite Women

Do's And Don'ts Of Indian Plain Simple Suit Design For Petite Women

If you're a small lady, we're certain you've struggled with what to put on and what not to put on a regular basis. Finding items that might help you build vertical integrity in your body can be difficult. It's difficult for small ladies to acquire the correct plain simple suit design in a market where brands offer their standard dimensions.

Even the simplest details can have a significant influence. The urge to reconcile your preferences without compromising your length can be strong, from designs to jewellery! In India, the majority of women are 5'3 inches tall. As a result, the majority of us fall within the petite bracket. When it comes to finding acceptable Indian ethnic dress for any occasion, the true battle begins. We understand how frustrating it can be, so don't panic; you've come to the perfect spot. Let's look at the various aspects that can be used to create a vertical height illusion. We've got you covered. 

Read till the end to understand how minute details can benefit you to get an appropriate plain simple suit design.

Airy and breezy- fabric choice

It's critical to choose the correct type of textile. Fabrics such as georgette, crepe, chiffon, and silk are light and airy. It would not only give you a slimming appearance, but it would also retain your comfortable. Prevent materials with a lot of flairs, as well as stiff textiles like velvet or brocade. Your vertical stability would be compromised, and you would appear shorter.


Monotone palatte – Single shade hues

Colors have a lot to say! Unfortunately, the majority of women overlook the importance of selecting appropriate wardrobe colours. You must adhere to repetitive clothing, despite how trendy two-toned outfits are. Ethnic clothes that are the same colour from top to bottom offer longitudinal stability to your appearance, helping you appear taller. Petite women look great in single-colored ethnic costumes. Styles with contrasting colours on top and bottom, on the other hand, establish a horizontal split, giving you a shorter appeal.


Minimal prints and needlework with delicate motifs

Choose something with a little dainty motif, whether it's a print or needlework. The larger the designs, the wider the outfit will appear, and the horizontal impression will be created. However, as we're trying to create a vertical appearance, keep it simple. Furthermore, why wouldn't you? Sleek patterns are a fantastic choice as if there is no such thing as too much or too little of them. Selecting a vertical visual style and vertical motif designs are recommended. Heavy embroidery, such as brocade or large floral motifs, can detract from your longitudinal impression.


V-cut and mid-length necklines and sleeves

When it comes to necklines, there are a lot of options. Petite women should go for V-cut, sweetheart, or square necklines. Because short women tend to have smaller necks, displaying your collarbone is often a good idea. Stop wearing high-necked shirts or dresses, as they will cut into your length. We recommended sticking to mid-length or elbow-length sleeves when it pertains to sleeves. It will flaunt your wrist while also adding vertical stability. Small-cap or structural sleeves should be avoided because they can make you appear wider.


Narrow border and waistband designs

Although broad borders are fashionable, abstaining from them is a wise move. Your shape is divided horizontally by a large boundary and midsection. That is something that girls who are on the shorter side should shun. So choose between having no border or having a narrow border and waistband. It may improve the reduction of horizontal broadness, enabling you to appear taller.


Longitudinal features in drapery

Drapes are one of our favourite design elements! It's fascinating since it has the capacity to completely transform the aesthetic of an outfit. However, when done incorrectly, it may wreck an appearance as far as it can glamorise it. Petite women should consider some drapery tips when wearing sarees, half-sarees, or anarkalis. Keep your dupatta draped vertically on one of your shoulders at all times. Avoid draping above your head or across your neck since this will shorten the length of the drape.

 If you must wrap your dupatta above your head for social purposes, ensure to include vertical motifs. You can accomplish this by placing one side of the edge in front and another in the back. It will generate a sense of proportion and will make you appear shorter.



Humans exist in a variety of shapes and sizes. Start to appreciate yourself for who you are. Petite ladies frequently aspire to appear taller, but we want to reassure you that you are perfect just the way you are. Height fears can sometimes lead to low self-esteem. The ideas we offer can help you achieve a natural shape of height. So, if you were searching for some advice, we hope our suggestions on Do's and Don'ts on plain simple suit design might have proved helpful. Also, keep in mind that your comfort and grin are your greatest accessories, so show them out!

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