How to find your personal or desi style?

How to find your personal or desi style?

How to find your personal or desi style?

Looking good is an art, not the worship of the latest trends in the Bollywood industry or a fashion magazine. Taking inspiration is good, but being you is even better. The meaning of being stylish is staying true to your style, and what can be better than slaying in your desi style? If you are wondering what your desi style is? Then you are at the right place. We all have a personal style even though we never created it, and if you keep on reading, you will discover your personal or desi style.

What exactly is personal or desi style?

Style refers to your way of expressing yourself through clothing, make-up, music, writing, architecture, or painting. In the world of fashion, style is the medium through which individuals showcase themselves through their signature clothing, hairstyle, jewellery, accessories, and the way they ensemble their outfits together. Following your personal or desi style will help you steal the spotlight on every desi occasion. Now, let's explore the five steps that will help you find out your personal or desi style.

5 steps to find your personal or desi style

Knowing your desi style isn't an overnight exercise, but here are some strategies that can help you slay your personal or desi style every time:

Open your wardrobe and explore - Take out the clothes you can wear without thinking twice, Indian or western wear. Now, put them aside and think, why are you so sure about them or why you like them so much? Please take a note of common things in them.

Find your fashion inspiration - No need to put a load on the internet; start with the person whose style you admire the most and take note of their way of styling. After this, move on to social media and observe how people worldwide carry themselves, from crop tops to Festive Kurtas. Search for a popular fashion blog full of fashion inspiration that talks about your style. Find out the stylist of your favourite celebrity, whose style you admire, and then dive into the nectar of inspiration. Another great source to look for fashion inspiration is a fashion magazine that can help you know more about different styles.

Create a mood board for your personal or desi style - Gather up all the information, images, and inspiration you have researched and put it all on your mood board. It might feel scattered at first, but you will discover many common things between your favourite things, celebrity styles, models' attire, and fashion magazines. When you compile everything all together, you will notice that denim jeans, Embroidered garments, maxi dresses, ruffle styling, cinched waist, or more are the moods that you are going for. Now, take the pictures of the styles or your favourite look and look at them when you are out there to buy your perfect outfit.

Create a staple wardrobe - A staple wardrobe is nothing but a collection of some basic things that you can mismatch with various stuff to ensemble a perfect outfit for you. For example, you can wear black denim jeans with a t-shirt, a balloon sleeve top, a silk chanderi kurta, or have plain simple suit design outfits that are a must-have in your wardrobe.


Experiment with your staple collection and different style choices - After creating a staple wardrobe collection, start experimenting with flaunting your personal or desi style and slaying in every outfit. The Label Yati brings to you a wide variety of plain simple suit designs if you have a desi style within you.
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