Trending Ways To Style Plain Simple Suit Designs With Dupattas

Trending Ways To Style Plain Simple Suit Designs With Dupattas

Everybody already adores traditional attire that accentuates their appearance while also bringing them closer to their culture. It is the month of year-end celebrations. Many of us like to jazz up in our nicest clothes, whether it's a plain simple suit design, an Anarkali, or a lehenga. These are some lovely possibilities; know you're looking for anything particular. However, there is one item that may completely transform your appearance: your dupatta and how you drape it.

Indian cultural attire has a way of becoming adaptable. There are dozens of distinct possible techniques and ways to create diverse appearances with the same clothing items. Your dupatta is yet another example of how a well-draped dupatta may enhance a plain simple suit design.

Drape Your Dupatta in the Latest Styles With a plain simple suit design

It's never too old to realize; particularly at the last minute, you may rapidly pick even the most basic styles. Let's begin with the trending ways to wear a dupatta with a salwar suit.

The Traditional Drape

We must respect the traditional trends before moving on to the more intricate looks to blend with your plain simple suit design. All you need is to drape that magnificence around your shoulders for a simple method to look stunning. While most people who wear salwar kameez with dupatta do so on a routine basis, it may be the finest option for situations that require you to do a hands-on job. It won't even irritate you when you're working on something important.

One-Side Shoulder Drape

A one-side drape is most appropriate for Anarkali suits with dupattas, as it will permit your neckline pattern to dazzle. Women frequently show off their saree blouses in the same way. You may not want to carry one, either. It is more suitable because your salwar includes extensive embroidery or zari pattern. That basic one-shoulder dupatta drape will make a striking difference to your appearance, making moves even in a gathering and making you happy with what you've donned.


Don't panic; pleating is a lot, actually quite simple. Extend your hand and gently fold the full surface of your dupatta in two halves, then quarter again till the remaining portion can no longer be rolled up. Gradually make sure that all of the margins are on one end, and the folding is on the other, and you'll have a flawlessly pleated dupatta. Remember to tie it to your salwar; you do not even get all of your work and effort to go to vain.

Shoulder And Wrist Drape

Assume you're attending a party that requires you to dress ethnically and lets you flaunt off your musical or dancing talents. In that instance, choose a lovely embellished or lavishly adorned dupatta and tie it on both sides of your shoulders, draping the other side around your arm. Salwar chunnis go nicely with this because they're lengthy and simple to drape without falling off.

Two-Sided Wrist And Arm Drape

A two-sided arm drape is a wonderfully gorgeous composition that may be carried in many ways and yet is the best fit for this. Rather than wearing it on one part of your shoulder to hide the wonderful motifs, you can wear it on both sides for a stunning and graceful appearance.

Huge Pleats With A Waist Belt

A waist belt is a fantastic addition to any outfit. A kamar chabi is very popular among women. Wrap your dupatta in large folds while only the border zari is noticeable; then, buckle it up! Since you don't want to dress in so many random patterns at once, which can look bulky and a little too much, color contrast is encouraged. You can wear this look with lehenga cholis and Anarkali suits; ensure your dupatta's zari embroidery is on the outer edges of your shoulder; rest, you're decent to go!

One Side Cowl

Sometimes we like to add a more modern or Indo-western look to our outfits for special events. Instead of traditionally using a traditional dupattas style, you can make one easy change that can make a huge difference. Pin the dupatta on both sides of your shoulder, leaving any particular side open, particularly the left-hand side, for ease of work.

Cross Draping

We want to add an even more contemporary or Indo-western style to our clothing for important occasions. Rather than wearing ethnic dupattas in a typical manner, you can take one simple alteration that will make a significant difference. For work flexibility, clip the dupatta across both sides of your shoulder, allowing one side uncovered, preferably the left-hand side.

Use Two Dupattas At Once

With a dupatta, this is one amongst the simplest methods to dress up your plain simple suit design. Drape this over either side of your shoulders by bringing either of the sides together using length and pinning them securely. Pleats will improve the appearance because the designs will wrap over your shoulders, slip down to your waist, and be snug just beneath your thighs.

Fully Wrapped

Throw a gorgeously embellished drape to make yourself appear like a regal; you may even side cover your head with blossoms protruding from your hair. We can all recall pretending to be princesses as children and attempting to match our everyday clothes with our mother's favorite dupatta. This time, do it properly, and don't forget to accessorize with a pair of large earrings. They complement the dress nicely.


Women overlaying their dupattas in the iconic Madhuri Dixit fashion, wrapped across both ends of the shoulder with two bold layers producing a V-shaped design over your breast, were common. A little about the fashion choices of the early 2000s just never did leave us.

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Draping your suit design is crucial in today's world since we need to stay updated with the latest trends and appear our best. It's a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork, and you can be the creator yourself if you follow the basic instructions. You'll be capable of transforming a plain simple suit design with just a few tricks.

Whether you use your dupatta to shield yourself from the extremes or use it to add to your clothing, being trendy is always a possibility. Make a dramatic style statement with your dupatta by adding a splash of color to your everyday look. Try them out with Label Yati today!

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